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IBHS FORTIFIED-Wise Professional & Evaluator
ICF Award Winner Architecura SA
ICF Projects: First Equity Mortgage Offices 20:9

First Equity Mortgage Offices, Austin, TX

The use of Insulated concrete forms facilitated the construction of a three-story 30,000 square feet building in north-central Austin, Texas. This project serves as a great example of using ICF construction for the development of multi-story buildings and includes new space for office and administration along with a large assembly area for corporate events. The site’s close proximity to a major highway and railroad tracks have resulted in major traffic noise concerns that will diminish the desired indoor office environment. Since Insulated Concrete Forms represents one of the quietest construction methods in the industry today with sound attenuation properties resulting in a STC rating of 50 and more, it has made ICF the ideal construction system to use for this project. The end result is a quieter and comfortable indoor environment that will allow for increased worker production and ease of daily business operations.

ICF Construction Team:

ICF Architect: Architectura SA

ICF Engineer: R-S-C-R, Inc.

ICF Installer: ICF Constructors, LLC

ICF Form Distributor: Amvic Direct

ICF System: Amvic


Other ICF Projects:

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